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Trunk Dashboard

Quickly Identify…Avaya DevConnect Tested

  • Trunks Out-Of-Service
  • A Trunk group that is running out of capacity
  • A network provider failing to complete calls
  • Users cutting calls short due to a poor connection
  • An IVR or Voicemail system that is not answering calls


Click here for a Brochure, or here for a more detailed description of Trunk Dashboard.

Trunk Dashboard is a monitoring tool for anyone who is concerned about the real-time performance of Trunks in Avaya PBXs.  It analyzes trunk group measurements and identifies trunk problems before they have a chance to affect business communications. 

Each Dashboard can monitor from 1 to 16 PBXs.

Every 30 seconds, data is collected, and an immediate update is given through the Dashboard. 

The data from each 30-second snapshot is used both for current status and for rolling averages over 5 and 10 minute periods.  You know exactly what is happening!

A Dashboard icon displayed in the system tray of any Windows PC shows the status of all PBXs:

A green Dashboard icon tells you everything is working fine,



but a red Dashboard icon with an audible alarm will alert you to a problem.  



Dashboard can also send emails and SNMP traps whenever an alarm is detected, to ensure you know when there is a problem.

By clicking on the icon, Dashboard opens a more detailed display of PBX status.
PBX Display 





There is one row of data for each PBX being monitored, up to 16 PBXs.
•    A Green Dashboard Status will assure you the Dashboard is analyzing real-time trunk and alarm data for the PBX.
•    The Major and Minor Alarms, and the DS1 and CDR Status are all updated every 30 seconds.  If there is a problem in any PBX, you will know it quickly.
•    The Trunk Group Status will turn RED at the first sign of trouble on any Trunk Group in the PBX that the Dashboard is monitoring.

From the PBX Status display, drill down and get specific trunk group measurements, displayed on a green or red background based on configurable thresholds. This enables administrators to define specific alarm values for each Trunk Group.

Trunk Display





Updated every 30 seconds, you will see:
•    Real-Time count of Trunks available for calls and Trunks Out-Of-Service.
•    The percent of time all trunks were busy during the past hour.
•    The percentage of trunks that were in use or busy over the last 5 minutes.
•    The Average number of trunks that were available for calls over the last 10 minutes.
•    The number of Incoming and Outgoing calls in the last 10 minutes.
•    The average duration of Incoming and Outgoing calls in the last 10 minutes.
•    The percent of incoming calls that were not answered in the last 10 minutes.
•    Basic Trunk Group Information is updated; TG Name and Number of Trunks.
•    For Capacity Planning and Root Cause Analysis, Dashboard keeps a record of measurements and provides easy access to historical graphs.


Trunk Dashboard is simply the most effective way to monitor the real-time status of your critical voice communications.  It is like having a team of engineers analyzing your trunks all day, every day!

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