Telecom Toolkit


Need someone to help you test a phone?
Is the phone's IP address reachable?
Looking for noise and need a quiet termination?
Need to see if you can be heard from a phone?
Looking for the ID of an analog extension?
                       Just call your Tech-in-a-Box!

Here is a brochure that will give you more information.

Or just dial 1-914-338-8802 to try it out. (Remember: if your caller ID is blocked, the callback won't work)

Telecom Toolkit, also known as Tech-in-a-Box, is a tool that will increase telephone technician productivity.  Testing any type of phone, (IP, Digital or Analog, or even through an ATA or gateway) the Tech-in-a-Box will act as an additional technician to work with your techs.  Whether troubleshooting, installing, testing, or moving phones, the work will go faster and easier. 

Every Toolkit comes with a fully functional ANIconnect Conferencing and Notification System, complete with Team Connect, to easily bring your entire team together to effectively communicate while working together.


Call into Toolkit and here is what you can do:

  • As soon as the call is answered, you will hear your number (caller ID).
  • Press 1 for a silent termination, to track down noise issues on the phone.
  • Press 2 for an instant call back to be sure the phone can receive calls.
  • Press 3 to put the worst echo ever on the line, to see how the echo cans are doing.
  • Press 4 to record yourself and then play it back, to see how others hear you.
  • Press 5 to hear the number you are calling from (caller ID) again. 
  • Press 6 to test DTMF tones.  Push a button and it will tell you what you pressed.
  • Press 7 to put a trace tone on the line, so you can find it in a wiring closet.
  • Press 9 to Ping any IP address from the Toolkit server. 

      ( use "star" for the "dot" e.g., enter 10*100*1*53# to Ping )


 A natural complement to ANI Toolkit is ANIANalytics

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