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ANIConnect Conferencing and Notification [ MORE INFO ]

Need to reduce your conferencing costs?  ANIconnect is an on-premises conferencing system designed to effectively handle team communication situations at all levels of urgency. Simple meet-me conferences, urgent call-outs to bring a team of people into a conference, or just send a message... all from one effective, economical platform.

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Trunk Dashboard [ MORE INFO ]

Monitor trunk performance in real-time on up to 16 Avaya PBXs.  Receive Email or SNMP notifications whenever a configurable threshold is exceeded. 

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Telecom Toolkit [ MORE INFO ]

Ping an IP endpoint from your cell phone?  Or from any phone?  Your Tech-in-a-Box can make it happen!  You can also get a call back, reach a silent termination, find out your extension, and many more basic telecom tests from a simple call.  It increases the productivity of Technicians by making their job a little easier.

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SIP Gateway [ MORE INFO ]

Want the advantages of Voice over IP without an expensive phone system upgrade?    The options are available with a low-cost SIP Gateway.  Get great rates through SIP Trunking, or free Tie-Lines to other locations.  Put an office phone at a teleworker's home, and take your office phone with you when you travel!
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Team Connect [ MORE INFO ]

Ever need to stay in touch with a group of people?  Team Connect gives you an easy way to simultaneously call a team and join them all in a conference call, or to send the team a recorded message.  Our monitor then allows you to see, real time, as people actually get the message.  You even have an email option. Team Connect is ideal for emergency response and trouble resolution teams, as well as for making routine communication more efficient.  Team Connect is included with every ANIConnect conferencing system.

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